I Have The Blues

I Have The Blues
Tis the season for shirt dresses. I love the versatility of shirt dresses. I think I need to go hunt down some of these because my wardrobe has become very simple and staple related. I want pieces I can wear multiple ways and for various occasions. 

Transition Time…

Transitioning Time
This is the time of the year when everyone is seeing fall clothing pieces in stores but it’s still too warm to totally dive in and actually want those pieces. I know I have been seeing some cardigans myself but I’ll wait.
I also love the transition period because this is when you can mix the fall pieces with the summer pieces. I love everything about layering and mixing and matching. It makes me warm and fuzzy inside…lmao! Seriously though.
I wanted to create a look that combines a little bit of both seasons together but it’s also simple and not too hard to accomplish. You can do it! 😉
Happy Transition Season!

How I Would Style a Black and White Jersey

I had the pleasure of being one of the first owners of the Flamingo Customs jersey. This jersey is a one of a kind by being painted on and being the only one that exists right now. I love how unique this piece is. I’m all about adding unique pieces to my wardrobe and this one fits perfectly.
I had the challenge of styling this jersey top and I have to say, it gave me a run for my money. Jersey tops tend to be longer so a lot of times you have to play with how it is tucked in. It’s just a tricky piece but if styled correctly, it can look amazing.
How I Would Pair a Black & White Jersey

3 Ways to Wear A Maxi

3 Ways to Wear A Maxi
Many of us have that one maxi dress that we think can only be worn one way but can be worn multiple ways. I took various pieces but used the same dress as my staple piece. All you have to do is mix pieces up such as shoes and accessories and the outfit becomes elevated to toned down.
Summer countdown!!!!