The Opening Party for Release the Blowdry Bar

I always wonder sometimes how I get on various lists to be invited to events but thank you!!! I got to attend the opening of Release Blow Dry which is an African-American owned and created salon. The event was hosted by Paul Wharton (Real Housewives of DC/ The CW) and Kate Michael (K Street Magazine). This salon was created by two hairstylists which I think first hand understand how a salon should be run and different hair types. I thought that was pretty dope, we need more entrepreneurs out there to start something and be different about it. I know we all know about the Dry Bar which is all over the DMV but the question is what makes Release the Blowdry Bar different? I think the answer is the hairstyles that are able to be accomplished, the food, the drinks, and the parties and events that can happen at the salon. You can have a girls night out at the salon, a bridal party, and more!

I think the location is pure brilliance! The H street corridor is up and coming and at a fast pace. I love how close this salon is to me which means I can get there in no time if I am too lazy to do my hair or just need a me day. The hair types can be short to long and super curly to straight. I was impressed with them being able to do short hairstyles because I didn’t see any short hairstyle options at Dry Bar which turned me away from going there.

I had a great time and was able to meet with the owners briefly and Paul Wharton, he is just a sweetheart and a good time. LOVE HIM!

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