Dear Diary,

I am tired and tired…….most of my stuff is packed for Homecoming but I have to go home and pack some little stuff and stuff that had to be hung to dry. I will be leaving almost immediately once I step foot in the house *SIGH*. I hate to be rushed but such is life. I am hoping to get a nice lil nap on the way down even though I know I will probably be too excited and anxious to even sleep.

I just hope that the weather is to my liking. I had to pack extra ish just becuase I wasn’t totally sure of what the weather was going to be which sucks (that’s Greensboro for you). I actually don’t think I overpacked (well I hope I didn’t) or even underpacked (if I underpacked my friends have washer machines thank goodness LOL).

I just hope me and my partner in crimes costume is all the way together for Saturday night…we definitely put a lot into our costume so definitely be on the lookout for pics….we were inspired by…..well you will have to wait and see pics =)

To more sleep (lol),
Franky J

By Special Request

Fashion Do’s For Homecoming:

Knee High Boots
Shorts with embellished stockings or solid stockings (whichever you prefer)
Creativeness but not too much matching…..I think matching went out the door a while ago…
Bold Accessories (make a statement)…not Bright….
Fashion Don’ts for Homecoming:
Matching head to toe jewelry (I can’t STAND IT!)
House of Dereon….Baby Phat (urban wear…NO…need I say more)
Those cheap looking plastic heels (burn them!)
Those flinestone pebble looking necklaces (I wore that freshman year of college….I have been out of college for a 1 yeah and 1/2….let it R.I.P.)
Last but not least…wear what you know looks good on you for your size…..I know I am going to see madness, but hopefully this gives a heads up….
Hope this could help or be entertaining =P

Weekend Of Celebs….StepShow….Randomness…..

Ok so my weekend was pretty great and it wasn’t even my homecoming….

Here are some pics from the greatness….
Us and the great Christian Louboutin Himself!

Omarion at Love… his new single = HOTNESS!

Drake rocked the house…literally…it was crazy!

Howard’s AKA’s KILLING IT! They went off!

Me and my high school/college friends and senior year of college roomies….we had a GREAT night…U st was random! lol

NC A&T Homecoming 2009

Tickets are all sold out for the 21 and up events….most of my friends didn’t get tickets, but some did…..I will still have fun regardless….be ready for Halloween Costume Pics…me and my bestest are planning to shut it down!!!!!!!!!! =)

Now that the Sun has RETURNED

Ok so today I somehow overslept…I guess due to the many days of gloomy weather my body was just in cruise control mode…LOL…

I can now get my creative juices going with their being sunlight =). I am hoping to collab on a site with a friend…we will be sitting down and discussing details sometime this week…it’s a must. We are trying to do big thangs out here in DC.

Next, one of my friends that is currently living in DC is just as passionate as me about moving to NY but her passion is with music. So I am hoping to be making moves sometime next year. I think moving with someone in a different field than mine might be a good thing, it wont always feel like a battle…I guess. I refuse to keep sitting around DC….you can make the most of DC but NY is where my passion and heart lies right now…..

Rue La La

Ok so my shopping addiction is clearly still going on, but I am keeping it slightly under raps……I got bills to pay these days….

I got an email from this website called Rue La La which sales everything you can imagine and the items are sold lower than you would find it at its home store and I magically had a $10 credit and I saw something I wanted so I used it ALREADY! LOL (terrible!)

But if you want to dive into the greatness sign up with:



I went to Shecky’s Girls Night Out and I had a blast from the past. I got some really cute accessories. I got a bag full of goodies………I will be using EVERYTHING except probably reading the romance book….LOL. When I say it was packed the last night, IT WAS PACKED, but oh so fun!
Here are some pics from the night:
A cute ring my friend found.

This stand had so many nice accessories, I tried on like 10 pairs of earrings until I found my favorite one….
This pouch was nice and apparently made from recycled fabrics….nice stuff. I am all for recycling…..
Midori…this is apparently a new flavor…it was THE BOMB…..
Me and some of my girls at the Shecky’s Girls Night Out….we ended the night pretty well…lol…