RPM Italian D.C. Review

As you all should know by now, Restaurant Week in DC has begun. My first stop was R.P.M. Because I’ve been dying to try the full on entrees there. I did get to check out R.P.M. with a special event that Trunk Club hosted some time ago in their bar, lounge area which is beautiful! I decided to attend this restaurant with a friend of mine and when we walked into the dining area, I was blown away by the ambiance, yet again. We took a look at the regular menu just to see what other options they had to offer, but the restaurant week menu was too good to be true. We both decided to get different options but, I, unfortunately, couldn’t try any of hers because I don’t eat red meat, but it looked amazing. The first part of my meal was the Spumante Rosé which was quite yummy. And my friend went for the Chanti Rufina which she raved about.
Next, was the first course which was the appetizer. I started out with the mushroom and taleggio bruschetta and my friend got the pizza frittata which comes with Pomodoro, mozzarella, and prosciutto. I don’t eat red meat, so I, unfortunately, wasn’t able to try my friend’s dish, but mine was well seasoned and tasty.The main course was the Mediterranean seabass which was phenomenal as well. There were layers of flavor with this dish. It didn’t have an extreme seafood taste, but more flavorful, which is what I loved about it.And the last course was dessert, yummy! I was actually pretty stuffed by the second course, so I’m shocked I was able to finish the dessert. The option I chose for dessert was creamsicle which contained blood orange. I was sold! I love anything with blood orange.The ambiance, food, and service were top notch. I highly recommend checking out this restaurant. I will save this restaurant for special occasions because it’s perfect for those type of occasions. 

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