Fotoweek DC Launch Party

On Friday, November 4th I won tickets to attend the launch party for Fotoweek DC. I hardly ever win anything and I was super excited. I had a plus one and had already made plans with a friend so I decided to invite them along. It was some amazing pictures and one that I recognized from DC Fashion Week about two years ago on H St. There was a lot of art work that placed in various contests so it was great to see it up close and personal.

The second part of the event took place at the Corcoran Gallery of Art where there was food because everyone ate all the food at the first ┬ápart of the event and more drinks to enjoy! They had a dj playing old school which I love. You were able to take a picture at a photobooth which was super fun and then roam the museum that night which was AMAZING! They had an exhibit showcasing the best pieces of some African – American artists but they decided to call it 31 or 51 Americans because the race really didn’t matter. It was artwork and it was amazing!

Here are some pictures from the event::::

This was from DC Fashion Week on H St when I actually participated….LOL!


Photobooth at the Corcoran