4All Art & Fashion Show Event April 30th

I had the pleasure of helping to put together an event with a friend of mine. We went through 2 models calls, fittings, hundreds of texts and emails and phone calls to make sure our fashion show was AMAZING! It was exactly that, amazing! We had make up artists, hair stylists, wonderful models, and great designers to add their mix to the show.

Here are some pics from the event!!!!

Kelci of Mila and Vintage Fire’s SHOES!! I loved them!

Birthday Girl Michelle!!!! =) 

My hair was in the way….oops!!! 

Pics of me Ripping the Runway =) 
Opening Scene
AMA Fashions by Toine
Mila and Fire Vintage!!!

Fashion For Freedom Pictures

I have been waiting on these pictures since FOREVER! LOL! I looked through the album and got a few chuckles but here are some pictures that I liked and that were acceptable for showing.

EmoreJ’ Design
EmoreJ’ Design
EmoreJ’ Design

ReCap from the Donovan Rooftop Party

Last week, I got picked to do a show at the Donovan Hotel on a last minute thing but boy was it worth it. I had fun and got to chit chat and meet a few new people that do various things in the DC area. The show was in part with the Polo Cup which works with the Salahi’s (what a coincidence right?!) but they were pretty nice. I had a good time and I ran into quite a few people I did DC Fashion Week with, what a small…small world. I am honestly reminded of that everyday…lol and not in a bad way.

Take a peek at the event: