Ok guys, what all my DMV people have been waiting for.

Today starts the DC Fashion week….some events in the beginning are by invite only.

Starting on Thursday, their will be a Networking Party from 6pm to 9pm, the Fashion Show starts at 7pm (Open to the Public)

Saturday is the H Street Festival, which I will be modeling in, the fashion show starts at 3pm (IT’S FREE, Open to the Public!)

Sunday is the International Couture Fashion Show, I saw some pieces and they are quite lovely, I haven’t seen what I am wearing yet, but I am hopeful =) This event is not free unfortunately, but if you want to see some nice clothing and ME modeling *wink*, this is an event for you to come to.

For more info go to:

She’s In!

Ok so I am in the DC Fashion Week, Fashion Show on Sept 20th at 6pm at the Embassy of France. I have not yet met the designers yet, so I will be seeing them Sept 13th to see if my height will still be an issue with their designs. Either way I am ripping the runway…OK! LOL

Tickets are a little steep but if you want to see some Couture lines and things that you don’t get to see everyday, I think this will be well worth your time and money.

Come Get Your Ticket!

If I can get a group of 10 – 20 to come to the show, their will be a discount on your ticket but you must go through me. =)