DC Fashion Week Posts COMING SOON TO Glamourina

Here’s one picture of me at the Corjor International Fashion Show @ The Park



It looks like this year they have outdone themselves by having a networking party at Mie N Yu in Georgetown, AMAZING!!! I have always wanted to go there so this will be a great way to mix and mingle and see what the place is like. I hope you guys get to go and take in some of the greatness they have to offer for DC Fashion Week 2010.


Ok guys, what all my DMV people have been waiting for.

Today starts the DC Fashion week….some events in the beginning are by invite only.

Starting on Thursday, their will be a Networking Party from 6pm to 9pm, the Fashion Show starts at 7pm (Open to the Public)

Saturday is the H Street Festival, which I will be modeling in, the fashion show starts at 3pm (IT’S FREE, Open to the Public!)

Sunday is the International Couture Fashion Show, I saw some pieces and they are quite lovely, I haven’t seen what I am wearing yet, but I am hopeful =) This event is not free unfortunately, but if you want to see some nice clothing and ME modeling *wink*, this is an event for you to come to.

For more info go to:

She’s In!

Ok so I am in the DC Fashion Week, Fashion Show on Sept 20th at 6pm at the Embassy of France. I have not yet met the designers yet, so I will be seeing them Sept 13th to see if my height will still be an issue with their designs. Either way I am ripping the runway…OK! LOL

Tickets are a little steep but if you want to see some Couture lines and things that you don’t get to see everyday, I think this will be well worth your time and money.

Come Get Your Ticket!

If I can get a group of 10 – 20 to come to the show, their will be a discount on your ticket but you must go through me. =)