Franky J Has Captured Your Style

While walking down U street with mi amiga, I saw a young lady that just caught my eye and I had to get a picture of her. Her whole outfit was just something with many different pieces that all came together to form an outfit I will call eclectic. The earrings with the X were the true eye-catcher. Our short convo led to her being from Brooklyn, NY and just visiting DC for the weekend.

She has a website as well

Everyday is Saturday Night But I Can’t Wait…

I got invited out to go see K-Os and it was a pretty cool evening. I didn’t know half of K-Os’ songs except for “everyday is saturday night but I can’t wait for sunday morning!!!!’. I remember when my bff Marcus got me hip to that song, we would be singing it as loud as we could in the car….LOLOLOL!!! But all in all the crowd was hype so I feed off of energy and some of the songs had me ready to dance so I am still a fan. I also got his cd thanks to a friend. =) So I will be checking out his new music.
Check out the pics:

DC is Ranked the Fittest City in U.S.

And you don’t say. Well come to find out DC has recieved the No. 1 ranking for the fittest city in the nation in the American College of Sports Medicine’s (ACSM) American Fitness Index. There are a few doubters out there and some that probably question how that could be. I think that this is true because in DC, even though there is a McDonald’s at pretty much every few miles, there is a gym that is lurking nearby and quite a few people use them. I can say that it is rare that I see someone that is just majorly overwieght here. I see some but not very many.

This information made me smile because DC is always getting recognition for something bad as oppose to something good.

This reminds me, Miami in a month, I might want to start running and working out now. =)

(info via Express Newspaper)

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Dear Diary,

I told myself I would chill out and I am but things are starting to take over my schedule again but in a good way. I have pretty much filled my Memorial Day weekend as of right now but we shall see what happens. Let’s just say I have too many friends but I guess I like it that way. =) I am scheduling quite a few shoots for June and this will help me with my website. I need more pictures of me in my outfits so what better way to take advantage of that. June also leads to the launch of a website that I am writing for, I am hoping that this still stands to be true because I have been keeping this site hush hush for a little while now and I want everyone to see a website that shall be great! I also have community service to do with my comrades from the website, yes we do community service and I am so excited about that. I love giving back to the community in any way that I can. And last but not least, I make my way to Miami at the end of June. I am hoping to get tickets to go see some of the independent films they will be having for the American Black Film Festival. To read more into that event go to

To a great month of June,
Franky J

CityShopGirl Sex and the City 2 Event

I had the privilege of getting tickets to this sold out event. I was able to network and chit chat with a few people at the event. I got to meet Kelly with CityShopGirl, she was a sweetheart. I really respect her doing what she does with two kids, that is amazing to me. I hope I am able to multitask whenever I am to have kids.

This event went very smoothly. They had lots of food and drink specials. Bar Dupont was a great location, right in the middle of DC. It was a lovely day so you could either sit outside or sit inside. Me and my friends sat next to the dj who was jamming the whole time. I think we will be on the dj’s promo video because we yelled his name on their flip camera. I probably should have got the dj’s info so I could see the video after the fact. Oh well, it might turn up when I least expect it. LOL.

Take a peek at some of the pics from the event: